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North Sumatra Provincial Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) and Scorpion Indonesia Foundation Return 12 Long-tailed Macaques in the Wild
Posted on 16:38 August 18th, 2023

After a quarantine and rehabilitation processes, North Sumatra provincial wildlife authority (BBKSDA-SU) and Scorpion Indonesia Foundation Returned 12 Long-tailed Macaques in the Wild in Karang Gading Wildlife Reserve, Langkat regency, North Sumatra province.

The release took place on Tuesday, 27th of June 2023 led by the resort head of Karang Gading Nature Reserve, Mr. Rizwan. Transportation of the 12 Macaques from Scorpion Macaque Rescue Center in Batang Toru in South Tapanuli Regency to Karang Gading in Langkat Regency was accompanied by the veterinarian of Scorpion Indonesia Foundation, Icha Maria Novita. 

The 12 macaques consisted of 11 male and 1 female. Prior to the release, veterinarians from Scorpion Indonesia and BBKSDASU had carefully checked the condition of the macaques and considered to be suitable for the release.

Quarantine and rehabilitation processes took place at the BBKSDASU facility (2 macaques) and ten tails at the Scorpion Macaque Rescue Center in Batang Toru. 

The facility of the Scorpion Macaque Rescue Centre in Batang Toru was constructed starting in 2021 and was inaugurated on the 22nd of September 2022. 

When the release team opened the transport cage doors, the macaques showed various behaviors. Some immediately ran away and quickly climbed trees while some others looked confused and watched the surrounding areas and walked out of the transport cages slowly.

Macaque Rescue Center facility in Batang Toru was established with financial supports from the Animal Protection Denmark (APD), Animals Asia Foundation, and some other supporters. The facility included a quarantine, a clinic, rehabilitation enclosure, and a mess for staff accommodation. The rescue team in Batang Toru consisted of 1 veterinarian, 3 animal keepers (2 full-time, and 1 part-time), and a cook.


The above are pictures of the 12 macaques which were released in Karang Gading Wildlife Reserve.


Below are pictures from the release activity:

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