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Thousands of Animals in the Indonesian Zoos Live in Heartbreaking Conditions (June 30, 2017)
Posted on 11:24 July 01st, 2017


Coinciding with the visit of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta, Thursday (29/6), an international online media, The Dodo, released a video reporting the condition of animals in many zoos in Indonesia were in crisis condition. In the video that has been watched by more than 1 million people aired the suffering of animals in various zoos in Indonesia, such as Bandung Zoo and Surabaya Zoo. Check out the video here.


In the video posted on The Dodo website, it was mentioned that the video recording came from animal rights advocacy organization in Indonesia, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group.


The Director of Wildlife Investigation Division, Marison Guciano said, thousands of animals in Zoos in Indonesia live in wretched conditions, confined in small cages without being able to behave naturally.


"Many of them are even subjected to violence and exploitation, others are placed without access to food and drinking water," he told RMOL on Friday (30/6).


According to Marison, animals in the zoo need more than food. They should be given opportunities to behave naturally, free of stress and depression, free from pain, injury, illness, free from discomfort, and free from hunger and thirst.


Although often highlighted on the issue of low animal welfare, to date, the government does not have standard animal welfare in the Zoo. Government data in 2015 alone mentions, there are only four of 58 zoos in Indonesia are in decent condition, the rest is less feasible and bad.


Marison hopes, the problem of low animal welfare in the zoos became the attention of President Jokowi.


"Highlights related to the low welfare of animals have made bad image in the eyes of the world community," he concluded.



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