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The Community of Ramba Sihasur Village Declares Support to Protect Tapanuli Orangutan in Dolok Sipirok Nature Reserve (June 29, 2022)
Posted on 13:59 July 05th, 2022

Ramba Sihasur, Sipirok


The community of Ramba Sihasur Village declared support for the protection of tapanuli orangutan before the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) officers (Sipirok office), Village head of Ramba Sihasur, and Director of Scorpion Foundation, on Wednesday (29/06/2022).


The document of the declaration was signed by 44 villagers of Ramba Sihasur at the Ramba Sihasur Village Hall, Sipirok subdistrict, South Tapanuli Regency.


The declaration was the result of an awareness programme conducted by the Scorpion Foundation in cooperation with the Sipirok Field office of the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU).


 Three resource persons spoke about tapanuli orangutans and their habitats during the awareness event. The head of Sipirok field office of the BBKSDA-SU, Refdi, Ms. Efrina Pohan (also from BBKSDA-SU Sipirok office), and Executive Director of Scorpion Foundation, Ali Bangun Gea, appeared as resource persons in the event. Refdi and Mrs. Pohan talked about the characteristics of the tapanuli orangutans while Director of Scorpion, Ali Bangun Gea, talked about status of the tapanuli orangutan which the IUCN listing categorized as Critical Endangered. The remaining population of the tapanuli orangutan is now less than 800  individuals, therefore, it is important to help prevent extinction of this rare species.


The village head of Ramba Sihasur, Misno Ritonga, also expressed his hope that the community would be willing to support the government's efforts to save these rare animals by reporting to the BBKSDA-SU if they find illegal hunting of tapanuli orangutan.


After the presentations from the resource persons, a question-and-answer session was held. Following the question-and-answer session, the farmers agreed to declare their support for the protection of the tapanuli orangutan.


The 44 participants of the awareness programme consisted of members of 2 farmer groups (20 person from SUBUR Farmers’ group, 20 persons from MAWAR Farmers’ group), and 3 persons from Dongan Ni Mawas Timur (Friends of the Tapanuli Orangutan-East Block) community group.


Donation of Over 1,000 Plant Saplings

At the closing of the awareness programme, Scorpion Foundation donated more than 1,000 plant saplings to the farmers. The plants included 340 avocado (Persea americana) saplings, 330 dog fruit (Archidendron pauciflorum) and 330 stink bean (Parkia speciosa) saplings. The recipients of the saplings are members of two farmers group in Ramba Sihasur, i.e., SUBUR; and MAWAR.

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