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TOP Supports Consistently Orangutan Protection In Sumatra (January 11, 2022)
Posted on 14:39 January 11th, 2022

The Orangutan Project (TOP) has provided ongoing support to Scorpion Foundation to patrol Tapanuli orangutan habitats in Batang Toru Ecosystem, Sumatra, Indonesia. As has been widely reported, the Batang Toru Ecosystem is a landscape where there are still around 800 Tapanuli orangutans left. Disturbances to the Tapanuli orangutan and their habitats are still common, such as illegal logging, encroachment, and illegal hunting.

The Scorpion Foundation and the forest rangers of the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) routinely carry out joint patrols along the boundaries of the Tapanuli orangutan habitat to prevent destruction of habitat of Tapanuli orangutan as early as possible.

Most patrols are carried out in Batang Toru, especially on two metapopulations, namely the West and the East Block.

Since 2021, patrol activities have also been extended to the East Leuser metapopulation, an important habitat for the Sumatran orangutan. East Leuser hosts 5,780  orangutans.

The Management team of Scorpion Foundation are very grateful to TOP because its continuous support has made it possible for patrol activities to be carried out regularly to reduce threats to the orangutans.

East Leuser: The above two images show one of the activities in East Leuser during-a joint patrol of Scorpion Foundation and the Gunung Leuser National Park (GLNP) Authority in Sikundur, Langkat. During the patrol the team discovered a group of illegal visitors to the orangutan habitat inside the GLNP. They set up a camp to stay in the orangutan habitat without any permit nor clear purpose. The GLNP authority instructed them to leave the area without delay and the illegal visitors immediately went out of the area.

Batang Toru: This is one of regular joint patrols of Scorpion Foundation and the Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) in Sampean Village. The picture shows forestry policemen checking the origin of timbers discovered near the habitat of Tapanuli orangutan in Sampean village, Sipirok subdistrict of South Tapanuli Regency .

TOP Vehicle: The Orangutan Project (TOP) has previously provided a car to the Scorpion Foundation to support joint patrols of Scorpion Foundation and the government’s forestry police. This picture shows the patrol team of Scorpion Foundation and the GLNP forestry police having a picture with TOP vehicle in the background.


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