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Two Local Community Groups are Established to Support Protection of Tapanuli Orangutan  (June 26, 2022)
Posted on 14:34 June 28th, 2022

Sipirok, South Tapanuli

31 members of the local community who live near Batang Toru Ecosystem (which is also called as Harangan Tapanuli or Batang Toru forest) had a gathering at the office of Sipirok subdistrict government, South Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra on Sunday (26/06/2022). They discussed the current situation of the tapanuli orangutan.

One of the main results of the gathering was that they agreed to form two community groups to support protection of tapanuli orangutan.

The first group was named  DONGAN NI MAWAS-BLOK BARAT (Friends of The Tapanuli Orangutans in West Block/FOTTO-WB), while the second group is called DONGAN NI MAWAS-BLOK TIMUR (Friends of The Tapanuli Orangutans in East Block / FOTTO-EB).

The FOTTO-WB members consist of villagers from subdistricts of East Angkola and Marancar. The members of this group will help the effort of the government to protect tapanuli orangutan in the West Batang Toru Metapopulation. It has 14 members chaired by Rosin Sunaryo; Secretary Wandina Imani Harahap; and Treasurer Putri Amaliyah Hidayat Nasution.

Meanwhile, members of FOTTO-EB consist of 17 villagers from subdistricts of Sipirok and Arse. This group is chaired by Fajri Ihlas; Secretary  Yahya Habibi Nasution, and Treasurer Nur Bayyina Harianja.

During the gathering, two resource persons gave Power Point presentations: Ali Bangun Gea, the Executive Director of Scorpion Foundation, talked about the current issues pertaining to tapanuli orngutans. Meanwhile, Mr. Refdi Azmin from Section V Sipirok of the North Sumatra Wildlife Authority (BBKSDA-SU) talked about general introduction of tapanuli orangutan and guidance for mitigation of  human-tapanuli orangutan conflicts. The chairman of the Kalpataru-winning community, HATABOSI, Mr. Erwin Pasaribu, also appeared as a speaker in this event to talk about the urgency of protecting Batang Toru ecosystem.

This gathering was facilitated by the Scorpion Foundation Indonesia in cooperation with a South Tapanuli NGO, Kelompok Muda Mandiri dan Kreatif (KMMK).


Director of KMMK, Irham Pasaribu, and Executive Director of Scorpion Foundation, Ali Bangun Gea.

Some pictues from the gathering.

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