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Macaque Keeper Training in Medan, Sumatra (March 25, 2021)
Posted on 21:22 March 26th, 2021

The Scorpion Foundation Indonesia held a Macaque Keeper Training at the Scorpion Foundation Indonesia office in Medan on Thursday, March 25, 2021. This one-day training was held in preparation for the establishment of a Macaque Rescue Center in Hapesong Baru village, Batang Toru subdistrict, South Tapanuli Regency.

Six Scorpion Foundation staff members, including the staff from Batang Toru and from Medan, participated in the training. Trainers included two veterinary doctors from Sibolangit Animal Rescue Center of the North Sumatra Wildlife Authority/BBKSDA (Fatimah Sari and Zakia Sheila Faradilla), and a veterinary doctor from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme/SOCP (Nanda Faisal Ikhsan). The three veterinary doctors talked about various aspects of macaque husbandry, feeding technique, types of suitable diets, etc.

This training focused on two macaque species (Pig-tailed macaque, and Long tailed-macaque).

 Macaques (long-tailed macaque and pig-tailed) are the animals that often involve in many conflicts with humans in North Sumatra. In early March of this year, there was another conflict between humans and pig-tailed macaques where a farmer (with initial JS) in Nahornop village in Humbang Hasundutan district of North Sumatra province killed and consumed a mother macaque while its baby was captured.  He wanted to kill the baby too but according to his explanation to Scorpion Foundation, canceled to kill it because the macaque baby macaque was to skinny and has almost no meat. Therefore, he decided to hand it over to the wildlife authority (BBKSDA).

Knowing that the Scorpion Foundation was preparing for a macaque rescue center, they asked Scorpion Foundation to taking care of the baby macaque.

Scorpion executive director, Ali Bangun Gea (right) explaining about the plan of establishing a macaque rescue center in Hapesong Baru, Batang Toru.


The Trainer from Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), Veterinary Doctor Nanda Faisal Ikhsan (left) talking to the participants of the training.

Veterinary Doctor from North Sumatra provincial wildlife authority (BBKSDA-SU),  Fatimah Sari (standing), talking to the participants of the training.

Participants of the macaque keeper training.

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