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Commemorating World Orang Utan Day, the Scorpion Foundation held outreach on the Protection of the Tapanuli Orang Utan to Students and Commemorating World Orang Utan Day at SD Negeri 100808 Aek Nabara Marancar (19 August 2023)
Posted on 14:06 September 02nd, 2023

In the context of World Orang utan Day which is celebrated every year on August 19, on Saturday, August 19, 2023 the Indonesian Scorpion Foundation togetherPadang Sidempuan Natural Resources Conservation Center Region III carries out joint activities atSD Negeri 100808 Aek Nabara Marancar. The activities carried out were themed '' Counseling on the Protection of the Tapanuli Orangutan to Students and Commemorating World Orang utan Day'' with the aim and hope that students can understand and protect Orang utans.

The series of events started with remarks by the Deputy Principal, introduction of the Scorpion Indonesia Foundation to participants, delivery of material on Introduction and Understanding of the Tapanuli Orang utan which is close to Orangutan Habitat, ice breaking and coloring competition activities which were enthusiastically welcomed by all participants in World Orangu tan Day activities in SD Negeri 100808 Aek Nabara Marancar. In his presentation of the material (Irwan Hanafi, Field of KSDA Region III Padang Sidempuan) told the participants ''We hope that after this activity the participating students can increase their knowledge and awareness so that there will be no more hunting, rearing and trading of protected wildlife, especially the Tapanuli orang utan. '' he concluded.

This activity was welcomed by SD Negeri 100808 Aek Nabara Marancar as told by (Pittor Romatua Pasaribu, Deputy Principal). "Acknowledgments and deepest gratitude to the Scorpion Indonesia Foundation and BKSDA Wil III Padang Sidempuan for carrying out this Orang Utan Day activity at our school. This activity is very valuable for the students of SD Negeri 100808 Aek Nabara Marancar because it can increase knowledge about the Tapanuli Orang utan and we hope that the Foundation and related agencies will visit often and provide education to our students,'' he said.

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